Faith in the Forgotten


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released May 2, 2017

John Roodenrys: Vocals/Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Spencer McIntosh: Bass Guitar/Vocals
Matt Pancoust: Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Nic Landry: Drums

All music written by TRUENT
All lyrics written by Spencer McIntosh
Engineered by John Roodenrys
Mixed and Mastered by Devon Eggers
Graphic Design by Matt Pancoust
'Deer Skull' Artwork by Megan Pringle



all rights reserved


TRUENT Vancouver, British Columbia

Metal band from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

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Track Name: Euphoria Denied
The undertow pulls upon my neck
Wrapped like a chain
By now I should know that nothing in life
Comes without a price of pain

This frightening truth that plagues me
This weight crushing my chest
An exercise in futility
So long left in distress

Scratch the surface deeper
Illusions slowly fade
Reality comes clearer
As the bonds become decayed
Scratch the surface deeper
Illusions slowly die
The truth slowly draws nearer
Euphoria Denied

This is the final result
The damage done
By the thoughts I wish to leave behind
My fatal flaw
An open wound
In the depths of this dying mind

Severed ties once bound
Corruption of the enlightened
Enough rope given to hang myself
The noose tightens
Track Name: Delusion Prophet
The eagle lies dead in the sand
Death of the american dream
Stars and stripes shall burn
For salvation this world willl yearn
Messiahs of greed, no mercy
Their empires built upon bodies
Succumb to the paper religion
They brought themselves to their knees

Bow down to the prophet of delusion
Or thou shalt live amongst the damned
Hatred in the name of a sacred illusion
Live by way of the dead hand

Paint the new world flag in blood
The final conquest has begun
There is no freedom here
There is no peace without fear
Track Name: Nihility
Men who dance with demons
Shall become that with which they align
But I will not be eaten
I have nothing left to resign

Embrace the void

I never sought destruction
I wanted nothing all along
I seek nihility

I can feel it staring back
I gazed for far too long
The abyss calls for me
It's grasp far too strong
But I cannot fear
I feel nothing at all
I simply embrace the moment
I simply embrace the fall
Track Name: Faith in the Forgotten
Where did you abandon
Yourself along the path to ascension?
Sacrificing self for saviour

Disgraced martyr
Your lies hold no water
Feed the catalyst for your cowardice
Your bedrock crumbles
Your insignificance shall be forever forgotten

A reminder of what should never be

Take all that which you can save
Your life pathetic and depraved
So fragile inside of your skin
Look to find nothing within
A coward without ambition
Can't find a goddamn solution
Slowly sinking deeper down